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Partnering with the Best: RICOH/LANIER

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There’s a reason why both Sims Business Systems and Ricoh/Lanier are #1 — it’s simply because our products and support are superior to the competition.

We’ve done the product research for you. Sims Business Systems is in a unique position to pick the product line of choice because of our proven success, experience, and financial strength. Sims exclusively markets the Lanier product line, which is a brand of Ricoh, the #1 manufacturer of business equipment in the world.

Lanier is to Ricoh, like Lexus is to Toyota — The premium brand in its category..

Unlike competitors, Ricoh’s core business is developing multi-functional office products and software solutions. Ricoh/Lanier has the widest array of products for small, medium, and high production environments, so that means you have the widest selection of superior options.

Ricoh/Lanier also provides:

  • Specialists with a single-minded purpose
  • Quality driven, not price driven technology
  • The only complete line to fit every office environment
  • Unparalleled service and support

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