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Market Share Leader Mesa AZ

Unlike our competition who sells multiple lines of copiers and office products, or the manufacturers, such as Cannon, Sharp or Minolta that produce other products not associated with copiers, Sims Business Systems is different. Sims represents one product line and that product line is Ricoh / Lanier, the world wide market share leader in copiers and multi-functional devices. And Ricoh produces ONLY copiers, multifunctional devices and document management solutions that all tie together. At Sims we do not want you to feel like you are picking items off a buffet, but rather ordering from a 5 star restaurant. At Sims we concentrate on one product line, just as Ricoh concentrates on producing only copiers and office equipment. There is a reason why Sims has been in Arizona for over 35 years and why Ricoh is the market share leader.

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